Acoustic Wave Therapy

Acoustic Wave Therapy at Next Chiropractic Clinic, Your Cupertino Chiropractor

When you visit your Cupertino chiropractor at Next Chiropractic Clinic, you get the most advanced technology and techniques to help you with your back pain or other mobility concerns. We offer a wide range of procedures to help you to feel your best. This includes acoustic wave therapy.

How Does Your Chiropractor in Cupertino Use Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic wave therapy is one of the types of treatments we may offer you when you visit your chiropractor in Cupertino. This is a highly effective, but noninvasive type of sound therapy. It can help to restore your mobility by minimizing pain without surgery. AWT uses the science of sound waves to repair and restore the muscle tissue present and impacted by your injury or disease. It’s much like the use of Extracorporal Shock Wave Therapy. It’s effective in situations where other treatments have failed.

How Does Your Chiropractor in Campbell Use It?

Each patient’s needs are different. When you visit your chiropractor in Campbell, we’ll make recommendations to help improve your pain and mobility concerns. We may recommend the use of AWT in situations where other types of treatments have failed including for:

  • Back pain, including low back pain
  • Foot pain, including foot pain that’s chronic
  • Neck pain, including whiplash and other inflammation-type pain
  • Cellulite treatment – one of the best solutions for this

How Does AWT Work as Cellulite treatment in Cupertino?

If you are looking for a reliable cellulite treatment in Cupertino, we highly recommend the use of acoustic wave therapy. This procedure allows for the cellulite present to virtually melt away. This procedure does not cause you any pain but it can help to encourage the body to naturally break down cellulite. As an effective Campbell cellulite treatments, we may recommend this procedure for you if you let us know you would like to treat this concern.

Why Choose Acoustic Wave Therapy?

We highly recommend the use of acoustic wave therapy for many reasons including for these key benefits:

  • It works to improve blood flow to a specific area, stimulating natural healing of all types of back and neck pain.
  • It is noninvasive. That means there’s no downtime.
  • It works to increase metabolic activity, which is another cellulite benefit.
  • There’s no medication to take and no anesthesia involved.
  • It’s very fast and effective.
  • Over 80 percent of our patients see significant improvement.

This procedure takes about 10 minutes. It can allow you to come in, get care, and get back to your day. There’s no limit to the benefits this can offer for pain but also as proven Campbell cellulite treatments.

Schedule a Consultation for AWT with Your Campbell Chiropractor

We want to help you see the relief that’s possible with advanced treatments such as acoustic wave therapy. Call your Cupertino and Campbell chiropractor today to schedule your consultation and see the benefits it can offer in reduced pain and cellulite care. Call us now at 408-260-0222.


"I am 69 and have had a very painful condition with my knees since i was 62. After my first treatment, I felt instant relief. Not only have I experienced this for myself, but I have seen many of my husband's friends receive successful results."

- Beverly Henry, Destin, FL

"I have had neck and elbow pain for months. I couldn't find anything that would help. I started this Miracle Wave treatment today and the pain is almost gone. One treatment! Why doesn't every pain specialist have one of these?"

- Jeff Lipscey, Chattanooga, TN


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