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Natural Neck Pain Treatment in Cupertino and San Jose

Neck pain can make your everyday life incredibly painful or even impossible -- but that doesn't mean you have to have surgery or potentially-addictive drugs. Here at Next Chiropractic & Sports Clinic, we're proud to serve as a source of natural neck pain treatment in Cupertino and San Jose.

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Neck Pain Explained by Our Cupertino and San Jose Chiropractor

The two principal categories of neck pain seen by our Cupertino and San Jose chiropractor are acute pain and chronic pain. Acute pain is usually related to a sudden, short-term injury or ailment, with the pain fading soon after the problem itself is resolved. Chronic neck pain is that nagging neck pain that lingers for longer than 3 months or continually recurs. Some of the most common neck pain causes include:

  • Upper cervical misalignment - Our chiropractor in Cupertino and San Jose sometimes discovers alignment problems between the skull and top vertebrae of the neck. This misalignment produces unequal stresses on muscle groups.
  • Poor posture - Holding your neck in an awkward position can produce significant aches and pains. If you're always stooping over a mobile device, for instance, our chiropractor in San Jose and Cupertino may diagnose you with a painful condition called "text neck."
  • Auto accident injuries - Auto accident injuries can have a devastating effect on all the structures of the neck. Whiplash, for instance, can jolt your cervical vertebrae and their discs out of position while also tearing/stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Repetitive strain injuries - Also known as overuse injuries, repetitive strain injuries occur when you're continuously subjecting your neck to the same craning or twisting motion. Small tears in the soft tissues may fill up with scar tissue, inhibiting motion and causing pain.
  • Degenerative conditions - Cervical spinal arthritis, bulging discs that affect the spacing between vertebrae, spinal stenosis and other chronic degenerative conditions can cause neck pain.
  • Referred pain - Your neck pain may actually originate elsewhere. Strains and spasms in the trapezius muscle, for instance, can refer pain signals upward to the neck.

Our San Jose and Cupertino Chiropractor Can Help You Nullify Your Neck Pain

Bring your painful neck to our San Jose and Cupertino chiropractor, Dr. Choi, for all-natural, non-surgical relief. Cervical spinal adjustments can restore correct alignment to your neck and head, relieving joint, muscle and nerve pain. Our chiropractor in Cupertino and San Jose can prescribe numerous other therapies to complement chiropractic care for neck pain. These include K-Laser therapy and/or acoustic wave therapy to relieve soft tissue pain and inflammation, stretch therapy to restore flexibility to injured or tight neck tissues, and massage to speed healing and relieve pain, including referred pain from other parts of the body.

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