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About Next Chiropractic and Sports Clinic in Cupertino

Welcome to Next Chiropractic and Sports Clinic providing treatment for Cupertino, Campbell, and San Jose, CA. We specialize in chiropractic adjustments, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and sports injury treatments. Our chiropractor Dr. James Choi is highly trained in working with patients who need injury treatment or natural pain relief. Learn more about how the types of services we offer including our specialized therapies.

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Meet Our Chiropractor

Dr. James Choi is a chiropractor in San Jose serving the surrounding area. He follows a holistic approach that considers the whole person when providing chiropractic care. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, poor posture, a sports injury, or repetitive use syndrome, Dr. Choi will get to the root of the condition. This allows our chiropractor to best treat your pain by helping your body heal naturally from the injury or illness. Dr. Choi provides every patient with an individualized treatment plan that focuses on their current wellness goals. As your condition improves, Dr. Choi will manage your chiropractic care so you can help your body avoid reoccurring pain and injuries.

Cupertino Chiropractic Services

Here at Next Chiropractic and Sports Clinic, we offer comprehensive chiropractic services. This includes chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation to improve your spinal health and alignment. We also use massage therapy to reduce muscle tension, which is often associated with a migraine and headache pain. Our deep tissue massage therapy is ideally suited for rehabilitating your soft tissue after an injury, such as a sports injury. If you have sports injuries we use the active release technique. This method is designed for athletes who have suffered from sports injuries.

Cupertino chiropractor Dr. Choi also offers nutritional counseling to help individuals optimize their diet to improve their functionality and healing. Another service we offer is spinal and postural screenings for children and adults. By checking your posture and spinal development on a routine basis, we offer early detection and optimal care for any issues. If you do have a posture or spinal issue, we design custom orthotics to help rebalance your musculoskeletal system.

Specialized Chiropractic Treatments

Our chiropractor in Cupertino is trained to provide advanced chiropractic therapy. For example, we use k-laser therapy, which uses cold laser treatments to reduce soft tissue inflammation and pain. This is well suited for treating tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Acoustic wave therapy, also known as shockwave therapy, is another noninvasive treatment we offer. We use shockwave therapy to improve mobility and repair muscle tissue to help your body recover from personal injuries more efficiently.

Contact Our San Jose Chiropractor

Our San Jose chiropractor Dr. Choi is ready to help you and your family improve your health and wellness through chiropractic care. We can help you with improving mobility, reducing pain, and recovering from a sports injury. Contact our office at 408-260-0222 to schedule a chiropractic exam. Right now we are offering a 30 percent discount on shockwave therapy, so call today to take advantage of this special deal.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Choi is a really knowledgeable, professional, and caring doctor. He is a very nice person. His clinic is very spacious and clean. Highly recommend Dr. Choi."
    Maninder S.
  • "I highly recommend Dr Choi to anyone who's looking for an excellent, caring, amazing chiropractor. Not only does Dr Choi have state of the art equipment and expertise in treating your pain, he takes the time to really get to know you so he can figure out what is going on with your body. He's also very personable and friendly. And if you need to see a massage therapist, Noah is awesome!"
    Isaiah H.
  • "Dr Choi fixed my upper back problem which had been bothering me for years! I tried whateve I can out there (massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic.....) and none seems to work permanently. I still go back to the clinic and get check up regularly.

    The clinic is clean and the reservation reminder is handy. I would totally recommend Next chiropractic & sports clinic!"
    Faye S.