Using Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite Treatment in Cupertino

Using Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite Treatment in Cupertino

Almost everyone is self-conscious about some part of their body. For many, this self-consciousness may be about their weight.

You may have noticed that as you’ve gained weight, your legs, buttocks, and other parts of your body have developed cellulite. You’re trying to lose weight, but it’s hard.

Although you might think you’d need to go to a plastic surgeon to reduce cellulite, you can actually visit a chiropractor in Campbell instead. 

What Is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Your chiropractor in Campbell might recommend acoustic wave therapy. As the name suggests, this cellulite removal method targets muscle tissue with soundwaves. These soundwaves never damage the skin or muscles. Instead, the sound permeates deep into your body’s muscle tissue, encouraging the tissue to strengthen and rebuild.

A Campbell chiropractor can administer this treatment, which is non-surgical and doesn’t hurt.

Is This a Useful Cellulite Treatment in Cupertino?

You may be wondering, does this cellulite treatment in Cupertino really work? Just ask your Cupertino chiropractor or Campbell chiropractor.

Acoustic wave therapy takes only about 10 minutes to administer per session. Besides less cellulite, you’ll also enjoy several other advantages:

  • You can go right back to work, school, or home after the treatment
  • You don’t need anesthesia or medication to receive the treatment
  • Your metabolic activity may improve, allowing you to lose weight and prevent the development of new cellulite
  • Blood circulation may increase, too

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For those with sports injuries, chronic pain, and anything in between, Dr. Choi can make a significant change in your life. Those who are interested in losing weight should ask Dr. Choi about his nutrition counseling.

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